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Leader in the house

Geschrieben von admin am 20. Nov 2017

von Mateusz Moczko

On Saturday, November 18th, the last home match in 2017 took place. First men team played against TTV 1990 Wurzen. Guests didn’t seem to be very challenging, because of the last place occupied in the league table. However, our team never underestimates the opponents.

It’s important to mention that during the match our very important player, no.3 – Sasha Julius was missing. That’s why Foxes from Leutzsch were double motivated and focused. Such a team approach guaranteed a positive result. The match started traditionally from double games. Two games were quite tough. Those matches gave many emotions to the fans. Result after opening doubles was 2:1. Then single matches started. Almost all games were under control of our players. Only one game ended with 3:2 result. After 1st round of single games Leutzcher Füchse leaded 8:1.

In the 2nd round Foxes were still focused and did their best to win whole match with the best possible result. Of course our opponent didn’t want to give up and fought until the end of the competition. Especially that in the guest team there were two outstanding players (no.1 and no.2) who caused most of the problems to our players. After one 2:3, two 3:1, and three 3:0 games, match against TTV 1990 Wurzen ended with the final result: 13:2.

After 7 games of the 1st round Leutzcher Füchse is the undisputed leader of Sachsenliga.
In good mood and with pride, Foxes are looking forward to the future.
The ambition of our team is to win all the other matches with a satisfactory result.
Concentration, training and perfect team spirit – this is the best recipe for success.

Leutzscher… Füchse!!!